Duit Kawen Cik Mar

February 23, 2010

jom cari duit kt cni plak!!!

jom click pic bwh ni read 1st

and join catheye...

Catcheye.com.my - you pay, we play. A different approach to advertising.

  • Catcheye: A different approach to advertising.
  • Catcheye is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their advertisements in a highly effective manner. Our ad delivery platform guarantees that each ad is viewed by unique and voluntary viewers. In return, they will earn Catcheye reward points which can be exchanged for cash and/or other prizes. Viewers are also required to answer 3 simple questions related to the ad being displayed, hence strengthening their impression and understanding of the message being conveyed.
  • In addition, Catcheye will donate to a charity organization (of the user’s choice) everytime an ad is viewed. Indirectly, this allows companies to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities while promoting their businesses.


Cuba la..xrugi pe2 pun…1sen pun xpyh kuar..masuk duit lg ade..saje nk share2..sharing is caring…

1.klik link yg kt atas

2.klik join catcheye now...

3.isi maklumat diri,IC dan alamat (penting sebab cek dihantar berdasarkan ini selepas cukup RM50)... See More

4.Isi jawapan: soalan 1 jawapan A (atas sekali), soalan 2 jawapan B (yang tengah), soalan 3 jawapan A (atas sekali). p/s (jika jawab salah pendaftaran tidak diterima)

5.klik agree and proceed..Ok siap kemudian apa perlu buat? 1.klik sign in

6.lepas sign in klik reward panel .Awak lihat akaun awak ade RM1 (bonus) dan link awak.


♥kAsiH+CiNta♥ said...

cik mar..xleh pon klik gamba 2...xkua...

Legasi Piston Pecah said...

dah join ker?tak clash ngn nuff ke?

♥♥MarMiE♥♥ said...

tak,cz ni bkn kuar iklan kt blog pun.