Duit Kawen Cik Mar

March 27, 2010

mau kaya dgn nuffnang???

kali ni cik mar nak share something yang best tentang nuffnang cz stiap click akn mengkaya kan kte~~hehe bajet betul kan...info ni cik mar dpt dr blog cin intanurulfateha kte....

Why are my ads ‘sleeping’ in the day time and only ‘wake up’ at night time?

- Advertisers always purchase campaigns to run for a period of time.
- For example, if an advertiser purchases an mCPM campaign which will reach out to 700 unique visitors to your blog for 7 days, that means each day, your ad unit will show the ad from that advertiser to the first 100 unique visitors to your blog. As the day starts at 12.00am, the ads will be displayed starting from then on till its daily quota of 100 unique visitors has been filled, and it will stop showing after that. When the clock strikes 12.00am the next day, the routine repeats itself.
- The same applies for CPC campaigns. For example, if an advertiser buys 700 clicks for a campaign to last over a period of 14 days, 50 clicks will be allocated to all the blogs on the Nuffnang network each day. Every day the CPC ad will be displayed on all blogs which are not serving any mCPM campaigns at the moment, and once 50 clicks have been registered for that day, the ads will no longer show till a new day begins again at 12.00 am.
- To summarise, Nuffnang ads do not ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ but merely perform based on the allocations of a campaign and behavior of visitors to blogs.

Can I click on my own ads to increase my earnings?

- Advertisers spend thousands to send their messages across to interested individuals via CPC campaigns. Thus, if you’re clicking on an ad on your own blog, make sure that it’s because you’re interested to find out more about the products/services advertised.
- If there is a case of intentional repetitive clicking on CPC ads just to increase earnings, the blogger involved will be given a warning and if the act does not stop, the account will be suspended and banned indefinitely which is a common practice in all ad networks.
- As our system is programmed in a way to recognize common traits and behaviors of visitors, we have clamped down on groups of bloggers assembled for the purpose of clicking on each other’s ad units for CPC campaigns in the past.
- We strongly advise against engaging in actions such as these and should anyone be caught, severe actions will be taken.
Do bloggers only earn when the ads are clicked?

No. The CPC campaign is only one of the 2 types of ads Nuffnang has to offer. All blogs are eligible for mCPM campaigns by default, but they must first satisfy the basic criteria of advertisers before they choose the right blogs for their campaigns.

kay,klu korang xphm bleh terus rujuk kt cik intanurulfateha kte yer....dia bleh terangkan.


Rashid said...

ermm.. bagus info. tq..

Adhadi Mohd said...

info bagus ni bro.. terima kasih lah share.