Duit Kawen Cik Mar

June 13, 2012


just smile even my heart very dup dap dup dap
not because i'm in love
but my life so "dizzy, clumsy and plus-plus any other zy lorh!!!"
now i just think about my future
aippp...always salah paham
no kawen2 for this time
just want to be a good "staff"....kuang3x
i need to make a decision
a big decision
i get an offer from other company
but after i think....pikir....and pikiaq
there have a pro and contra
same with my works now.
very hard to puaskan hati sendiri
but i just want my social life again
just working for 5 days a week
and have time to lepak2, holiday, cuci my wallet

try to be a positive girl

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